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So... now that you've listened to me, you want me to be part of your next big project?


If you haven’t done that yet, check out my Demos and Samples!

I’ve listened to your demo, and I’m sure I want your voice in my project!

Great! Thank you so very much! Please keep in mind I use the GVAA standard prices as a guide

My rates are negotiable!

I post the guide to show what standard voice rates are, and I fit your project needs around that. 

I’ve given your price guide a once-over and I still want you to play a part in bringing my work to life!

Awesome! Again, thank you for taking the time to listen to my Demo and Samples and looking at the GVAA guide.

Feel free to email me with questions and project proposals you may have for me

Please Email me using the form below!

( I don’t bite, I promise)
"...Very fast and well done. Did what was asked as soon as possible and voice i great quality...I feel the final result was perfect and just what i was looking for...Highly recommended."
" Ashlyn Currie did a fantastic job recording and editing a quick prophecy for my online D&D campaign. My players and I were blown away by the quality of her work. During the process, Ashlyn was communicative and asked for feedback. Highly recommended, she will not disappoint. "
"I am likely to recommend Ashlyn to others seeking voice talent...Ashlyn's recording process is professional and effective...Her format was very easy to edit...The finished product exceeded my expectations."
" ...The replies have been instantly. Much appreciated Ashlyn for the great support...knew it right from the start when looking at Ashlyn soundboard. Her voice is awesome...10/10 - Hope she becomes famous and get picked up by companies...Been pleasure to work with you Ashlyn. Keep up the great work. Thanks for helping out."
Mike Ze
Augmented Reality Project

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