Voice Over Rates

Voice Over Rates

My Rates, Terms and Conditions

My Rates, Terms and Conditions

A few guidelines! 

A few guidelines! 

US & UK standard Rate guides 

The way US rates are calculated is overly complicated, so I have adapted the BSF + Usage model that UK rates use! I am aware of US rates, I have put myself up against those US rates and I feel my price still aligns with base US rates, without the overcomplicated specifications.  

Voiceover rates are based on several variables 

  • The medium (radio, television, internet) 
  • The market (local, national, international) 
  • The length 
  • The nature 
  • The use of the audio 

Rates can be determined per project, length of script, or per word. 

The more specific you are about what you want, the easier it is to give you an informed quote, and the read you need! 

The prices below are “Baseline” rates.  

Please remember! I’m always happy to provide a free sample before confirming a booking!

Pricing is for the US market.  Smaller market share may equate to smaller quotes. 

If you have a pre-existing way of quoting not seen below (eg. explainer videos on a per minute basis), let me know and I can see if we’re a fit! 


Corporate/web/explainer videos

My basic session fee is $150.

This covers: 

  • To voice and edit my reads so you have a clean, produced and broadcast quality audio file. 
  • Studio fees. 
  • ‘Non-broadcast’ usage on: client website / client social media channels / internal training / eLearning.  
  • Retakes in case of errors. 
  • Opt-in for a fully directed session via Skype, Zoom, Teams, Phone Call, you name it! You can listen in while I record your script! 
  • Supply of fully edited voiceover tracks in broadcast-quality WAV format (or other format of your choice). 
  • 2 Free retakes for style / vibe  as long as they are not due to changes in the script after the initial audio was accepted. The recording of a script that was revised after the first text was officially approved and recorded, is regarded and billed as a new project. If you want multiple takes, please let me know beforehand so I can quote both money and time properly! 


Depending upon the size of the job/client and if the work will be extensively used on the web. Standard sessions fees do not cover any commercial or broadcast usage licensing. So if you plan to have this as a paid ad or project on Social Media, TV, and or Radio, you should look scroll down to add usage fees into your quote!

Online Advertising and Video-On-Demand

Pricing for VOD / Commercial Usages is BSF $150 + # of Impressions

Knowing the approximate number of impressions, you’re buying is extremely helpful and will allow me to use the below calculator I adapted from THIS UK calculator, in order to provide a more accurate and simplified quote.

Feel free to play with it yourself (just insert # of impressions and my BSF of $150) to get an approximate quote.

Just FYI; an impression is how many eyes will be on your Ad! If you’re going to market to the New England area will be different than if you’re going to be marketing to All of the USA! Usually, you buy google/online ads per ‘impressions’, but you can also look up the general population of the area(s) your ad will run to! Online Paid Advertising on Any social media, YouTube, Google, etc. will require a commercial usage license.  

If you don’t know the scale of the campaign, then usage would be added on top, at 100% of the session fee per 3 months. 

TV / Radio Content:

Pricing for 'full broadcast' TV / Radio is BSF $300 + TVRs.

Having an idea of the size of the campaign (like the number of TVRS: TV-Ratings) will allow us to use the below calculator I converted from THIS UK calculator for impressions. in order to give you a ballpark quote. Without the fuss and muss that is the GVAA Rate Guide

Full Broadcast usage rights allow for advertising your product or service in paid broadcasting channels, like Radio, TV. 



  • Raw audio at $0.10 per word 
  • Edited audio at $0.17 per word 
  • Edited audio with file creation at $0.20 per word.   

The minimum order amount is $150. 

 Rates for other projects are very much client and project dependent, though a good reference point is the GVAA Rate Guide.  But please do not hesitate to contact me for an exact quote. 

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Payment Terms and Conditions

Once my services have been officially engaged, the agreed fee is payable within 30 days of invoice via Stripe. Payment via PayPal must be agreed in advance and will incur a 6% charge to cover their fees. 

Late Fees

If you think payment could take longer than 30 days, then this must be agreed to in advance. If outstanding payment exceeds thirty days without prior agreement, fees will be applied to the total for 10% of the invoiced amount.  

Copyright & Intellectual Property

All prices quoted are pro-rata. All copyrights, intellectual property rights, broadcasts rights and any other rights associated with the author (for clarity, the artist/worker hired by the hiring company) and the author’s works and/or performances shall remain with the author. Upon full payment of my invoice, the following license is granted by the author for usage rights of the works listed as follows: 

Late Payments

The author’s works may be used by the hiring company for a period as specified on my invoice, unless otherwise stated, upon which time the works shall cease to be used, or an additional usage payment (equal to the usage payment in the original invoice) shall be made to the author. The author’s works may only be used for the agreed product or service (and any of the platforms or mediums) detailed in the invoice line-items, and not in any additional products or services in the future, unless otherwise stated. 

For the sake of clarity, this also means that the works may never be incorporated into any text-to-speech, synthetic voice or Al Voice models, on any platform or medium, known now, or in the future. 

The author’s works may only be used in the geographical region as specified in the invoice line-items, unless otherwise stated; if no geographical region is stated, then the license specifies that this is the hiring companies’ country location only. The hiring company may not transfer the works, nor this license to any third parties, (including the sale of the hiring company itself) without the written consent of the author.

Revisions - Terms and Conditions

With self-directed sessions (where you will not have listened in to me as I recorded), I will normally send you a sample to approve, or ask you to cite one of my previous projects as a guide to how you want me to voice your project. Assuming that the approach has been agreed – if you aren’t 100% happy with the submitted recording afterwards, I allow for up to 2 revisions free. If script changes are made after the recording, I will charge a revision fee. This fee will be proportionate to the extent of the changes made to the script, so feel to raise this before recording takes place if you want to discuss a particular project. 


With directed sessions (where you will have listened in and provided feedback during the recording), I will give you a copy of every take recorded during the session, so you can select what you want. We will have agreed in advance how long the session should be to cover everything in your project and confirmed a price accordingly. If the session necessitates going over the agreed time, then I will charge according to my basic studio fee rate of $150 per hour; unless verbally agreed during the session. This would be a minimum of $25 for up to 15 minutes, $75 for an extra half hour, or payment for the full hour for any longer.  

Contact Me For a Quote!

I hope you feel more equipped to request a quote, but remember! I'm here to help if you still have questions!

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